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Basketball Dunk


Here's What You Need to Know!

It’s natural to have lots of questions about summer camp. What if my child has social anxiety? What happens if they get can't make a clinic? Can girls play? All of these questions are normal for parents of campers. Find out all the answers to your questions here, or shoot us an email at to ask a question not listed. 

What makes your camp the right choice for my child?

At OMG Sports Camps there is a place for every athlete, at every skill level. Our goal is to help young athletes build characteristics like confidence, decision making, teamwork and focus through the game of basketball. We provide a safe and encouraging environment for campers to develop their fundamental basketball skills and experience the joys of participating in competitive sports.

What's included with the cost of the camp?

All campers receive a camp T-shirt, snack and practice/ game jerseys. Transportation is included for OMG Sports Travel Team members to and from games.

Where are the camps located?

We've added a new location for 2019 at Pan Pacific Park as you can see by the beautiful picture of the gym entryway above. The 2 locations are both held on Sundays, but are based on skill level. 

Poinsettia Park Recreation Center is located at 7341 Willoughby Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, in the area of West Hollywood. This is a co-ed camp for children ages 8-10 years and all skill levels. Great for athletes with 0-3 years of basketball experience. Sundays 10a-12noon. 

Pan Pacific Park is located at 7600 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, in the Beverly Grove area of LA. This co-ed camp is great for athletes with at least 3 years experience and between 11-16 years old. Often we get athletes looking to sharpen their skills and gain an advantage in addition to playing on their school team.  Sundays 2pm-4pm. 

Can I skip a clinic? Can I attend just a single class?

The short answer is YES! 

If you skip a clinic, no worries,  just attend the clinic the following week. However, players interested in playing on the Travel Team will need to be available for the entire session. 

Wanna just drop in for a single clinic to sharpen your basketball skills? No problem. Just come in, or register for a single class on your preferred date. As always, your FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE! 

What should my child bring to camp?

Please bring a water bottle and a towel. That's it! We do highly recommend shorts, a short sleeve shirt, socks and basketball shoes. The shoes are really important because the game is all about changing direction and making sharp turns, so ankle support and traction are everything.

Will you be having an OPEN HOUSE?

We have an Open House once a year in the Summer. First timers can always attend a FREE Sunday camp/ clinic to see what makes OMG such a unique basketball camp. Check us out!

How many campers do you have?

The number varies each week, but we try to keep it under 25 athletes. We want the children to be able to receive tons of personal guidance so they can gain some confidence and improve as basketball players.

Often I see over 100 kids at these camps and they are just going through drills and not really developing their basketball skills. So they get in a game and continue to make the same mistakes and lose confidence. A smaller group allows the coaches give the camper more attention, allowing them to improve their game in a competitive and fun environment. 

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